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Prescription Maker Privacy Policy

We value your privacy. This privacy policy describes the data that is collected by us (Digital Prescription Maker LLC) while you use our website and android app.


We do not collect any data from your usage of our website at this time.

Android app

In our android app, we collect the following data:

  • Analytics
    Anonymous and aggregate install and usage statistics. It helps us determine some useful information about our app usage, including the number of users that installed our app in a given time interval in a region, the number of checkouts initiated. This is an aggregate data that does not include any information that can personally identify you. Advertising ID may be collected to improve this analytics data.

The data that you generate in app (including your profile data, customizations, prescriptions and auto-complete suggestions) is kept in your device only and never sent anywhere else. It means that you have 100% privacy of your data, but it also means that if you uninstall the app or "Clear Data" of the app, all this data will be permanently deleted. To transfer prescriptions to another device, you can export them to a file and import that file in another device.